McCormick X1 series

24-55 HP. Available as open station or cab tractors. Hydrostatic or synchro-shuttle transmissions. Superior power, hydraulic performance, and weight. Many of our customers use these tractors on power rakes, arena groomers, tillers and more. We normally stock a McCormick X1.45C with 180C loader but these units move quickly so please give us a call!


McCormick X1.45C Tractor

 McCormick X7 Series

135-181 HP. Available with a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder Betapower engine. 24 x 24 power shift or CVT transmission. Premium or standard configurations. NO ONE ELSE CAN COMPARE TO THE QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, AND VALUE OF THESE TRACTORS. Standard equipped includes: Deluxe hide away instructor’s seat, pivoting cooling package to provide easy access during cleaning, auto power shift, fully locking front/rear differentials, 4 speed PTO, and many more.


McCormick X4 and X5 Series

61-113 HP. Unlike many of their competitors, the McCormick X4 and X5 series are NOT compact tractors on steroids. These machines are built with the same quality as their larger AG counterparts. The X4 and X5 series are powerful, versatile, and efficient. The X4 series utilizes Deutz engines and the X5 a Perkins. Standard 12x12 transmissions with optional powershift and creeper gears.



McCormick X8 Series

McCormick X6 Series

111-130 HP. Betapower 4.5 liter engine with no EGR or DPF, simply utilizes diesel exhaust fluid. This easy to manage system does not affect the inner workings on the engine, exhaust is simply cleaned up post horsepower. Standard transmission is a 36 x 12 hydraulic power shuttle and 3 speed power shift. Front and rear fully locking differentials. Available in open and closed center hydraulic system.